Afraid of buying a house with debt, I was helpless when my friends had settled down

Housing prices will never fall to the point where anyone can buy it. Therefore, instead of lamenting or waiting, find a way to buy a house as soon as possible, because the opportunity to buy a house will be more distant when real estate prices are still increasing.
I was stunned when he invited the new housekeeper to meet his high school friends who were living in Hanoi by the way. The meeting was nearly crowded, only missing 3 people for business. What shocked me was that out of 12 people present, 9 people bought a house in Hanoi, of which 2 people bought more land to save, only me and 2 others were still empty-handed. I find myself wrong when I always click my tongue thinking that the house price in Hanoi is too high, I can never buy it. Afraid of buying a house with debt, my wife and I have as much to spend, just buy hedging insurance and keep a small amount of self-defense. Even the Tet bonuses of 50-100 million, my wife and I do not accumulate, but buy brand names, genuine phones or pour into luxury check-in trips. Now, at the age of 40, I realize that my friends are all stable, many people are just equal, even shorter than me, now have decent houses and cars.

Tuan, the landlord invited the housekeeper today to cheat the most about work. Working in the construction field, although he has good knowledge and expertise, is hard-working, but because he is quiet and has poor communication, he is often pushed to the construction site away from home, many years without being promoted. But now Tuan can also buy an apartment 70m2 for 2 billion. The friend was a bit shy when he admitted he still owes the bank 500 million, but still made me ashamed because now I have all the money in my house and sewn it for only 200 million.

Looking back, I see that my current situation is due to the idea of ​​prioritizing enjoyment, accepting to rent a house so that I do not owe debt. My wife’s income is quite low, my salary is nearly 20 million (currently about 30 million, but the older children are also more expensive) so we always think that when we can buy a house, we can never buy a house. But by the age of 40, when all of you were stable, I realized what was wrong with me. Renting house here and tomorrow. The work has also started through a brilliant period, just a few years later, I may be criticized by the business, ready to fire at any time. Meanwhile, my oldest child is only 10 years old, and my wife and I have to take care of their 2 children finishing college in 10 years. The house does not have, the accumulated money is not worth much, I see the future dim than when I was young.

Người đàn ông đang suy nghĩ về việc mua nhà.

The man is thinking about buying a house, hesitant to buy a house, leaving me a long distance away from my friends. Illustration

Meanwhile, with a salary of just over 10 million, plus his wife’s salary, Tuan’s family’s initial income is less than 20 million, but now after ten years of marriage, two people can also buy a house. Tuan said, knowing that it was difficult to increase his income through work, Tuan and his wife had a plan to accumulate from the beginning. His wife takes care of the children around the neighborhood on weekends, earns 3-5 million more every month, and Tuan, when receiving Tet bonuses or extra bonuses after each project, brings his wife into his accumulated account. . The couple tried to cultivate the target on the salary, if the surplus, they buy things. After the first five years, they had 500 million in savings and about 100 million in interest from small investments such as gold, stocks and savings.

In 2016, when he heard that Tuan’s hometown would upgrade to town, he and his wife discussed using this money to buy land in his hometown. That land lot is 100m2 priced at 700 million, two people borrow 100 million more to buy. After nearly 4 years, as soon as the district officially went to the town, the land lot increased to 1.4 billion, the couple decided to sell and buy an apartment on installment. Waiting for nearly a year, Tuan had a spacious apartment and only borrowed 500 million from the bank. This amount is not too burdensome compared to the couple’s current income. Tuan said that the bank loan will be paid off gradually, and the money accumulated over the past few years will be used to invest.

Other friends of mine, who do well in business or set up a company, buy townhouses, villas, and salaried workers can also buy a dormitory or social house. Everyone has stabilized their houses so they talk about investing, where to put money to make a profit, preparing future plans for their children … I am only shocked because I do not know where to start.

From my story, I advise young people, the salary is not too low, just have confidence in your home buying plan. Because of the fact that I see, although housing prices keep increasing, there are still a lot of people who can buy a house. Having a home will stabilize everything and take care of the children better.