Average income, choose an apartment, private house or old apartment?

Average income, home buyers may consider going further to buy a private house, a new apartment or an old apartment in the center is also an option.
When buying a house, for those with middle-income, low-income, the choice is significantly narrowed, be it a private house / apartment located far from the center or an old dormitory. Each type will have its own advantages and disadvantages, home buyers will make a decision based on their needs, priorities and financial capacity.

Average income, if you want to buy a real estate, the opportunity to buy is almost impossible if you do not accept to go far or do not want to stay in a small alley. This type is therefore not the choice of the majority of people in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Even in Ha Dong (Hanoi) – where a private house is most searched according to the market report in 2020, a survey shows that a 4-storey house with 32.5 square meters in Yen Nghia is for sale. 2.05 billion. A similar house in Yet Kieu is also for sale for up to 65 million VND / m2 … With a range of more than 1 billion VND, buyers can choose smaller houses or go further. For example, a 2-storey house 14m2 wide in Van Quan, 3-storey house 33m2 wide in Duong Noi for sale for approximately 1 billion.

The price is not as expensive as the house on the ground, comfortable life on a floor, with many amenities attached, apartments are the choice of the majority of people today. Due to the increasingly scarce supply, both new and old apartment prices are being pushed up. The market report in 2020 of Batdongsan.com.vn indicates that the average selling price of mid-end apartments in Hanoi in 2020 is 33 million / m2, while in Ho Chi Minh City it is 44 million / m2. The average price of affordable apartments in Hanoi is 25 million / m2, in Ho Chi Minh City is 32 million / m2. It is forecasted that condominium prices will increase, so similar to private houses, new condominium buyers who want soft prices will have to accept to go far.

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dormitory area
Home buyers can choose from a new ground house, a new apartment building or an old dormitory … Artwork

Mini apartment
Fully functional as a normal apartment, near the center, cheap price, a 30-50m2 apartment cost only about 500-800 million. However, it is worrisome and has been warned by the authorities many times about the legality of this type of housing. Four common risks that mini condominium buyers are susceptible to are: No ownership certificate, difficult to resell, unsecured fire safety and difficult to repair. A series of illegal mini apartments have been handled and enforced. Strong moves from the authorities in recent years have made buyers more afraid.

Old dormitory
In addition to the above types of homes, another homebuyer option is second-hand dormitories. These apartments were built many years ago, are legally safer than mini apartments, cheaper than new apartments and near the center, convenient to travel.



– Cheaper, less volatile according to the market

– Service fee is low or not available

– Low construction density

– Near the center, convenient traffic


– The house is old, the path is small, humid because it was built long ago

– Often lack of parking space

Fire safety is not guaranteed

According to the survey on Batdongsan.com.vn, there are many old dormitory apartments for sale in the price range of around 1 billion VND in Hanoi. For example, a 55m2 dormitory with red book, 1 bedroom in the alley of Kham Thien street was offered for sale for 1.25 billion dong; apartment in Vinh Ho dormitory, district Dong Da area of ​​40m2, 1 bedroom, price for sale 1.1 billion; Thanh Xuan Nam apartment with area of ​​70m2 including 3 bedrooms is priced at 1.34 billion VND …

If utility is a priority, homebuyers can choose an apartment. The option could be private house if the buyer accepts to go far and wants to have both a house and land. Or the old apartment plan is also an option buyers should consider if they want to stay near the center. Mini apartments are cheaper than the rest, but there are many legal risks. The final choice will be made by the buyer “whether to buy fish sauce” and depends on the order of priority and criteria when choosing to buy a house.

“I have no desire, compared to other people’s lives, know what I prioritize and how much money I have, so I choose to buy an old dormitory for 1.2 billion VND in Dong Da district from the beginning of 2019. There will be things that I do not really like, regardless of the type of housing chosen, but it does not affect too much so my family can accept it, ”said Mr. Dung (a home buyer in Hanoi). The advice of experts is not to buy out of reach. rights with the residence you have purchased.