I am satisfied that I have sold a new house, borrowed another 1.5 billion to buy an old house

In order for my children to go to a good school, close to home, I sold a big beautiful house designed by myself and borrowed VND 1.5 billion from the bank to buy an older grade 4 house. At first I still regret my old house, but when I moved to a new house, I found myself discerning because life was so much more convenient.
Mr. Chien Thang (Ho Chi Minh City) shared the story of selling his favorite house that he created his own design concept to buy an old house near his child’s school:

In 2014, I built a house with 1 ground floor, 2 floors with area 4.5x16m, 6m wide alley in Binh Tan district. This is my first house, which is my result after a series of days and nights, so I am very excited and self-designed for the house. The house is not too far from the main road but located in the alley so it is very quiet, only 2km from where I work.

Two years after building the house, I got married, gave birth to my first child and still lives in this house. My wife opened a spa store on the first floor. Life was still very good until the end of 2018, the couple started to gradually consider sending their children to preschool. I want to send my child to public school because I think it is not so important to have a preschool. However, according to my exploration, the schools in my ward are quite decent. I still think that I will go to public schools first and then move to private schools, and international schools will make my children more adaptable and more interested. But my wife thinks differently. She wants to send her children to an international kindergarten to create the best environment for her to develop, to shape her personality from the very beginning.

tuyến đường có hàng cây hai bên và nhiều nhà cao tầng

The road is lined with trees on both sides and many tall buildings
Mr. Thang sold his house up to a design concept to buy an old house near his child’s school. Illustration

For a long time, the couple decided to temporarily send their children to the public school first to see the situation. For 4 months, we had to discuss other options because the couple were both busy, unable to pick up their children at 4:30, the child now falls and hurts here, scratching there. My grandmother had a pain in her leg, so we didn’t want to ask to take her to school.

My wife likes an international kindergarten but is in Tan Phu district. Tomorrow when my child is older, I go to middle school and high school around that area. Thinking about it, hiring someone to take the child is not secure, so we plan to go there to rent a house to stay temporarily, rent out the old house to compensate for the cost. Because really, I am very afraid to move, especially in this house I spend a lot of energy to decorate. We looked for a house to rent and we could see a new grade 4 house but larger than the old house (5x18m), with a small garden behind the house. The facade is wider than the old house, the big road, and the populated area so it is likely to be better for my wife’s business. Only I will have to accept 5km to get to work, not too far but just further from my old house. The problem is that if we sell this house to buy this house, we have to compensate another 1.5 billion, not to mention additional repair costs before entering and doing business on the 1st floor. The couple was really confused. At first, when I built the old house, I thought that I would live my whole life, and my children and grandchildren to live in the future, so I invested a lot. Knowing before, I had to build a house after getting married.

To be sure, we polled friends, relatives, and people living near the grade 4 house we watched. Seeing quite good feedback on security, living environment and the potential to increase housing prices … so in the long term, the couple decided to sell their old house, move to a new house to soon stabilize their life. With a bank loan for 15 years, each month including principal and interest, we have to pay about 20 million. Fortunately, the business was good, so we can still make sure.

Friends come to play a new house, everyone says that when a beautiful house is sold, they will sell it, borrow more money to buy a bad old house. But with us, choosing to buy this house, we have considered and consulted very carefully, especially we prioritize favorable criteria for our child’s education. Furthermore, my wife’s business in the new home is much better than in the old home. My child from the international school day is also more obedient, happy, and more excited. Only when we are too busy do we have to ask her for help. Although I’m a little regretful of the effort I have spent on my old house, but I am still very satisfied with my choice to change house. Going to this house, our lives are much more convenient. From my story, I feel that I should not keep the mindset of my whole life in just one house, if there is a better chance, the change is not at all worrying compared to living with the inconveniences of the old house. . There may be even more better opportunities out there.