Membership Info

New members are always welcome in the Fraternity. As a member, financially you’ll benefit from reduced fees at monthly meetings, business promotion events, and big group discounts on movies, theatre presentations and special events. Many of our social activities are free for members.

But the primary benefit from Fraternity membership is a strong sense of community. Being able to freely socialize with like-minded individuals to build strong friendships, business relationships, and sometimes loving partnerships. Hearing monthly guest speakers with great knowledge and fascinating life stories just makes it all that much better.

We’ll do our part to keep you informed of Fraternity meetings, business and social gatherings with brief e-mails, weekly updates to this website, and a monthly newsletter where requested. If you become actively involved in Fraternity events, we know you’ll meet interesting people, network within the gay community, and develop close ties in our supportive environment.

Take time to look through the various meeting, social and business pages on this site. Then, if you like, feel free to attend some meetings or events as a guest before you join. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Fraternity membership fees were reduced to reflect cost savings if you select the popular E-mailed newsletter format. Couples save even more!

Here’s the current fee schedule:

Standard Membership $39 $100
Student (with ID) $20 $50
Guest $42 N/A

You can apply for membership in person at any monthly dinner meeting, or you can contact the membership director at the Email address below to express your interest in membership.

The membership coordinator will work with you to get your membership settled at the next monthly meeting, or through other mutually convenient means.