If you are interested or have questions about any of the following Fraternity Board positions, please contact any Board member, or alternately email our past president at:



  • shall attend all meetings of the Board to record the minutes of those proceedings
  • shall give all notices required to be given to members and to directors
  • shall compile and distribute ongoing email communications with members (i.e., Weekly Updates and Special Bulletins)
  • shall see that all necessary books and records of the Corporation required by the by-laws or by any applicable statute are regularly and properly kept (excluding financial records)

President (Michael Lloyd currently holds this position)

  • shall preside at all meetings of the Board when present
  • shall preside at all monthly dinner meetings when present
  • shall set agendas for meetings
  • shall supervise the general affairs and operations of the Corporation


  • shall have custody of the corporate funds, and keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements in proper books of account
  • shall provide to the Board a monthly account of all transactions as Treasurer, and of the financial position of the Corporation
  • shall prepare yearly financial statements for the Annual General Meeting
  • shall co-operate with the auditors of the Corporation during any audit of accounts
  • shall supervise the collection of funds at monthly dinner meetings

Membership Administration

  • shall maintain and update the member database on a timely basis
  • shall manage all inquiries from new, prospective and current members
  • shall collect mail from the Corporation’s mailbox, and forward all payments to the Treasurer
  • shall provide monthly membership status reports to the board
  • shall send out membership renewal notices when due
  • shall maintain electronic mailing lists for members and guests to be used for ongoing communications and bulletins

Program Director

  • shall oversee the program content of 9 monthly dinner meetings, including topics and speakers or special guests

Social Director

  • shall plan and coordinate a full roster of social events, with no fewer than 2 per month
  • shall arrange for venues for house parties
  • shall manage related communications with members, and respond to all RSVPs
  • shall forward funds to treasurer when prepayment is required

Meetings Administration Director

  • track registrations for monthly dinner meetings and give a “best guess” estimate to the hotel regarding the number of meals to prepare
  • arrange any special equipment (e.g., projectors and screens) which a guest speaker may need
  • maintain and bring to dinner meetings necessary materials such as Directors’ name badges, door prize tickets, pens and lapel labels