Here's how Fraternity Fabulous Film Fridays usually work...

Every Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, Cineplex Odeon confirms what films will be opening that Friday. We'll choose a movie and post it on this page as soon as possible. If you're interested in joining the group, contact us no later than 1 pm on Friday (movie day) at:

We'll purchase the group tickets in advance, then you show up 30 minutes before the show and pay just $8 (member) or $11 (guest) to claim your ticket and seat.

Did you say $8?
. We’ve made an incredible bulk coupon purchase deal with Cineplex Odeon. These tickets will get us in to all the great new blockbusters at the stadium style Varsity Theatre (55 Bloor St. West in the Manulife building) and all the best gay art films at the Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton St.). Since adult ticket prices are now $11.95, Fraternity members save an amazing $3.95 per show (33%). If you see just one movie a month with us, you’ll save most of your membership cost!

What if I’m not a member?

We’re sorry, we must not have heard you. Why would you NOT become a member with all the great meetings, events, friendship and deals the Fraternity offers? That being said, we’ll take you (and any guests) under our wing and you can pay just $11 to join us... that’s still a savings over box office prices.

WOW! This is great! Discounted super films and the friendship of Fraternity members to share it with. Get ready to eat a LOT of popcorn!

Okay, now the not-so-fine print:

First, even though these films are billed as “Fabulous”, we can’t take responsibility for your enjoyment of any of the movies chosen. No refunds allowed.

Second, you’re committed by 1 pm Friday. Your ticket(s) will be purchased and you owe us big time whether you can make the showing or not. This amazing deal is only possible if we all act on good faith.

Third, you will receive an automatic confirmation of any E-mails sent to the movies email address so you know your E-mail made it to our server. Unfortunately, we still can’t guarantee that some technical glitch doesn’t interfere with the message coming through as planned or that the tickets will be sold out before we arrive. The Fraternity is a volunteer organization of busy people, and as such, an error or two is bound to happen. Please accept our apologies and our human frailties in advance. Remember, to err is human, and to forgive is... so unusual it might make a great screenplay!