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How can i helps?

Life is pretty simple. You get out of it what you put in. If you really want to make strong business and personal connections with other Fraternity members, you need to get involved.

The Fraternity is a volunteer-run organization, and we all depend on each other to have dynamic and successful activities and communication. We’re all busy… but if you can choose just one way to become involved, you won’t regret it. There are an endless number of ways each member can help…

  • Volunteer to be on the greeting committee to meet and orientate new members and guests at our monthly meetings. Even just making it a point to introduce yourself to two new people at every meeting helps everyone have a positive experience.

  • Help out with the running of the movie nights. We need members to help pick up tickets on Friday afternoons, greet guests at the show and help save seats.

  • Write an article for the newsletter or web site. Sharing your own personal views and insights with the group helps us all see the world in a different way.
  • Let the board know if you have any special skills that might help in running the group. Accounting? Legal? Stamp-licking? Web site programming? Public speaking? Martha Stewart impersonations?

  • Invite fellow members into your home to host a potluck brunch or evening cocktail reception. These events are always a big hit with the members and VERY much appreciated!

  • Volunteer to help with phone duties. If a handful of people would each phone a few members, we could quickly communicate with members who can’t access the web site for up-to-date information.

  • Take digital photos at any Fraternity or related community event for inclusion in our group correspondence. (The Webmaster puts in a special plea here for help!)

  • Join a committee! Whether your interest is with helping to choose our guest speakers, planning the next tremendous business or social event, or representing our group in the community, every activity we do is only as good as the dedication behind it.

  • And Woody Allen said it best… “showing up is 80 percent of life”. Not only do we want your company, but your consistent attendance at the monthly meetings helps us meet our catering quotas… a problem in the past that has drained our finances without benefit to the group. So, even if all you do is show up… THANK YOU!

To volunteer right now, contact us!

Click here for descriptions of our Board positions.


Member Deals

This new area features special deals, on products and services, offered only to Fraternity members.

Win #1 – Fraternity members get a great deal!
Win #2 – Our sponsors get a low cost way to promote their business on this popular web site, plus mention in our e-mail updates and printed newsletter!
Win #3 – The Fraternity currently invests the ad revenue in our online search engine promotions, to draw more people to this page, helping both the Fraternity & our sponsors grow!

For more information, about offering a deal to our members:

The board

Fraternity Board of Directors
Email Addresses
Board… not bored! Running the Fraternity is a challenging but fulfilling volunteer job. The Board typically gets together one week after the monthly meetings to plan for the future of our club.

Any member can run for an executive position. Each Fraternity member has a vote at the Annual General Meeting (in May) to elect the Board members. Positions are then filled by majority ballot or acclamation. Email the Fraternity president at the address above for details.

The board can only work effectively with your input and help. You can E-mail any board member by clicking on his name above. Members can also send a general notice by clicking on the “member feedback” button on the left sidebar. We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.

Michael Lloyd, President…

Membership Info

New members are always welcome in the Fraternity. As a member, financially you’ll benefit from reduced fees at monthly meetings, business promotion events, and big group discounts on movies, theatre presentations and special events. Many of our social activities are free for members.

But the primary benefit from Fraternity membership is a strong sense of community. Being able to freely socialize with like-minded individuals to build strong friendships, business relationships, and sometimes loving partnerships. Hearing monthly guest speakers with great knowledge and fascinating life stories just makes it all that much better.

We’ll do our part to keep you informed of Fraternity meetings, business and social gatherings with brief e-mails, weekly updates to this website, and a monthly newsletter where requested. If you become actively involved in Fraternity events, we know you’ll meet interesting people, network within the gay community, and develop close ties in our supportive environment.

Take time to look through the various meeting, social and business pages on this site. Then, if you like, feel free to attend some meetings or events as a guest before you join. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Fraternity membership fees were reduced to reflect cost savings if you select the popular E-mailed newsletter format. Couples save even more!

Here’s the current fee schedule:

Standard Membership $39 $100
Student (with ID) $20 $50
Guest $42 N/A

You can apply for membership in person at any monthly dinner meeting, or you can contact the membership director at the Email address below to express your interest in membership.

The membership coordinator will work with you to get your membership settled at the next monthly meeting, or through other mutually convenient means.

Fraternity History

In August of 1988, David McKinstry wanted to find a gay business peer group. So he advertised a meeting in NOW magazine for gay men to discuss free trade issues.Only one person showed up from the ad, but two previous friends and a friend-of-a-friend made a total of five. The gathering was small but determined. Over the next few months they hosted brunches and recruitment house parties to spread the word.

In January 1989, our group was named the Fraternity from the latin word for brotherhood (Fraternitas). A governing board was established in February, and the Fraternity gained momentum with the goal of promoting “brotherhood, equality and liberty” in a supportive environment. The following month marked the end of meetings at member’s homes, with a move to a local restaurant (Bumpkins). By our first anniversary, our group had 65 members and graduated to the Bond Place Hotel. Over the next four months, membership soared to 125 and we progressed to the Royal York Hotel.

The Fraternity was incorporated as a nonprofit association in 1991. Since that time, the group has seen different bases as we’ve actively negotiated meeting and catering costs. We’ve had many amazing guest speakers, boat cruises, house parties and stunning gala events. Our strong sense of community has encouraged the involvement of members from their early 20’s to their mid-80’s, and at all levels of public awareness of their sexuality. Although the majority of Fraternity members are “out”, we respect that various factors place all of us at different places in our respective journeys.As with any volunteer group, we’re only as strong as the leadership and members involved.

The current board is committed to the continued revitalization of our group. In the past few years, we’ve introduced a new logo, website and weekly E-mail updates. Many other important improvements are also happening in the marketing, administration and provision of high-value member services for our group. Our membership has more than quadrupled, and our equity is stronger than ever. We strongly encourage everyone to become an active participant in this rebirth.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a member of the Fraternity!



The Fraternity is Toronto’s Social & Business Networking Club for Professional Gay Men. Between monthly meetings, ongoing weekly social events and frequent business functions, Fraternity members can choose their own level of involvement and interest within our group. The strength of the Fraternity lies within its diverse membership. Members vary greatly in age, origin, experience, occupation and interests. Since the beginning, we have fostered an environment to build friendships and business relationships based on mutual respect, so our progression is only natural.

If you are not currently a member, we invite you to look around and see what we’re about. Check out the amazing speakers we’ve had on the meetings page. See how much money you can save watching movies with the Fraternity. And get a feel for our many other social and business events. Then come visit us at a monthly meeting. You will be a welcomed guest.

For the members out there… we hope you find this site clear and easy to use. This is YOUR club, so let us know how we can continue to offer experiences of value to you. And decide now to do something specific to help our club grow and prosper this year. With your active involvement, we all benefit.